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An about page can be a very important part of your site. It gives your customers a little bit more information about your business and what you stand for. Here is a list of things that can help you achieve a more engaging about page.

  • Mission and Vision
  • Staff and bios
  • Photos of History / Founder
  • Using Keywords
  • Internal Links (Social Media)

The Endocannabinoid System

By syncing with your body’s endocannabinoid (EC) system, CBD supplementation supports countless physiological processes. Your neurological, hormonal (endocrine), circulatory, immune and digestive systems are directly impacted by the EC system which allows them to operate together in harmony for your overall health and vitality. (Click here to learn more.)

The EC system is made up of a vast network of cannabinoid receptors throughout your body. When you ingest CBD, it interacts with the EC system and naturally stimulates mental and physical wellness. As such, CBD is a dynamic and beneficial dietary supplement regardless of your age or health profile. CBD is non-habit forming, non-toxic and is not associated with harmful side effects in standard dosages.

It provides numerous mental health benefits including mood enhancement, creativity, improved memory recall, a sense of clarity and focus, and better cognitive performance. In terms of physical health, CBD is best known for supporting healthy joint function as well as being a natural pain reliever. Additionally, CBD improves sleep quality which reinforces your optimal health.