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An about page can be a very important part of your site. It gives your customers a little bit more information about your business and what you stand for. Here is a list of things that can help you achieve a more engaging about page.

  • Mission and Vision
  • Staff and bios
  • Photos of History / Founder
  • Using Keywords
  • Internal Links (Social Media)

User Experiences

“I am really surprised at the quality of SWIFT. I use a few sprays and feel the difference within minutes. It puts me in a great mood and helps me manage some back pain. I used other CBD products before but this is by far the best!”
Elizabeth • Baltimore, MD

“SWIFT is an exceptional product. It gives me energy to make it through the day, and I feel fresh at home when the day is over to hang out with the family!”
John • New York, NY

“Most CBD products have THC in them which I don’t care for. SWIFT is pure, and in my experience works a lot better. Highly recommended.”
Mo • Los Angeles, CA

“Works great! Tastes amazing! Love it!”
Timothy • Henderson, NV

“I wanted something that could support my overall health. I have an active lifestyle and since turning 50 I just needed a boost. I tried different herbs and supplements, but SWIFT gave me what I was looking for.”
Richard • Fort Wayne, IN

“SWIFT helped me out big time. I play a LOT of tennis and my right elbow gets sore sometimes, and then I have to give it a rest. My sister recommended SWIFT and I’m glad I tried it. It not only relieves the pain, but also helps prevent the problem in the first place. I love this stuff!”
Samantha • St. Petersburg, FL

“SWIFT relieves stress for me and helps me stay upbeat as a customer service representative talking to angry customers on the phone all day. I feel so much more relaxed and patient. I’m noticing positive effects in other areas as well!”
Rebecca • San Antonio, TX

“SWIFT is everything they promise and more. It helps me get great sleep at night, but it also helps me feel alert and focused in the day. Can’t believe it works both ways!!”
AJ • Raleigh, NC